Yet Another Conversation with My Anxiety

She starts it with a few safe questions before actually triggering me to get pissed and sulky all day, and yes, it’s a she because she’s me only bitchier, angrier and all that nice stuff about me.

“You’re alone. You’re “best friend”s home for a week but she hasn’t called you to hang-out. Maybe she doesn’t like your whiny ass anymore.” She curiously looks at me . And yes, she put air quotes when she said best friend to rile me up.

“She’s spending time with all of these people who aren’t you and you’re always the one who’s reaching out and all that.” She said while scrolling through my Instagram feed. At this point I wanted to hit her.

“Are you really sick or is your depression creeping up again? Am I doing that to you? Is this you’re personality or is this your “illness” talking?” she used air quotes again to infuriate me.

“I’m going out and not coming back until tomorrow and you are not coming with me.” I slammed the door and went to bed at 3pm.

Jan 1 prompt: Conversation


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